Submission Guidelines

Submissions for Winter 2020 are open, and we’re looking for flash fiction with the theme of “Departure.” Maybe it’s a departure from a location or from an era, like the last century. It could be the leaving behind of an old life in exchange for a new one, like the new birth in Jesus Christ. It could also be gritty, like the leaving behind of something good—a turning away from faith.

For the next round of submissions we’re going to squeeze you a bit. Dazzle us in under 500 words. Ready? Go!

All genres are welcome. We seek flash with a spiritual and literary quality to it—please no cursing, sexual imagery, or horror.

General submissions should be 1,000 words or less. We invite you to submit two shorter pieces as long as they fall under 1,000 words total. Please submit multiple stories in the same document using Times New Roman 12 pt or similar and use double spacing. You may send it in a Word doc or in the body of your email. Include your name and a short bio (50 words max)

We will let you know within 6 weeks whether your flash has been accepted. Please only submit one story/document at a time. If you have not heard back within 4 weeks feel free to reach out to us. Submissions which do not follow our guidelines will be deleted without being read. Please wait three months before submitting again if your story is not selected.

We accept simultaneous submissions, but please let us know if your story is placed somewhere else.

We are a brand new online lit journal and are unable to pay. Our guidelines are subject to change if our inbox explodes (we hope it does).

Online rights: If your story is accepted, we require exclusive electronic rights to it for 3 months and non-exclusive rights indefinitely so we can include it in our online archives.

Print Rights: We require non-exclusive print rights, for potential annual anthologies and promotional materials. All other rights remain yours.

Please email your submission to with the subject line as follows: “SUBMISSIONS, STORY TITLE.”

We look forward to reading your work!