Transfigured Lit

Do a Google search and you’ll find very little in the way of “Christian Flash Fiction.” There are a few journals out there, both online and in print. But not much compared to our literary flash counterparts.While there is a need for realistic fiction that doesn’t shy away from challenging topics, we believe there is a way to marry the ugliness of sin with a subtle holiness and beauty.Our goal at Transfigured Lit is simple. Good fiction ought to honor God in its content and language. We look for quality flash fiction with a decidedly clean and Christian voice. Stories that stand alongside those found in any mainstream publication, yet without compromising one’s moral integrity.True, the world has its ugliness. We want to hear that story told in a glorious and careful manner. We long to see the touch of a master writer whose love for God and fiction blend together and leave us with an impression long after we’ve turned the page.We seek new flash fiction with a clean and brilliant aura to it–stories that explode in our minds, leave us in awe, fill us with wonder. We encourage submissions from writers with a Christian background, regardless of sect, denomination, or theological stance.